The Mexican Congress Holds Hearing on UFOs: A Comprehensive Guide

The Mexican Congress held a hearing on the alleged ‘alien’ bodies with the UFO.

Mexico City, September 13 (Reuters) – Mexican lawmakers heard testimony that “we are not alone” in the universe and witnessed alleged remains of non-human entities in an extraordinary hearing at the first congressional program of a Latin American country, focusing on the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP), commonly referred to as FANI.

During the hearing on Tuesday, which is typically called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) in Spanish, politicians were shown two specimens that Mexican journalist and long-time UFO enthusiast Jaime Maussan claimed were the bodies of extraterrestrial beings.

Mexican Congress Examines ‘Alien’ Bodies in UFO Hearing
Mexican Congress Examines ‘Alien’ Bodies in UFO Hearing

Maussan stated that these specimens had no connection to any life on Earth.

The two small “entities” presented in the cases each had three fingers on each hand and elongated heads. Maussan claimed they were discovered near the ancient Nazca Lines in Peru in 2017 and were approximately 1,000 years old, a claim that was analyzed through carbon dating by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Similar findings of mummified remains of children with such characteristics have emerged in the past.

Maussan said it was the first time that evidence of this kind had been presented.

He expressed, “In my opinion, this serves as a straightforward indication that we are indeed encountering beings that are entirely unrelated to any known species on our planet, leaving no room for doubt. are open for any scientific institution to investigate this.”

He added, “We are not alone.”

José de Jesús Zalce Benítez, director of the Health Sciences Institute of the Mexican Navy, stated that X-rays, 3D reconstructions, and DNA analysis were performed on the remains.

I can confirm that there is no association between these remains and human beings.

UNAM issued a statement on Thursday, reissuing a statement first released in 2017, stating that the National Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry, in collaboration with the Accelerator (LEMA), was only responsible for determining the age of samples.

The statement said, “In any case, we do not make definitive statements about the origin of these samples.”

Members of the American Congress also heard from former US Navy pilot Ryan Graves, who participated in a congressional hearing about his personal experiences and the stigma of reporting such sightings with the UAP.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s ruling MORENA party congressman Sergio Gutiérrez said he hopes this hearing will be the first of many such incidents in Mexico.

Gutiérrez said, “We have plenty of reflection, worries, and keeping the discussion going.”

In recent years, the US government has re-evaluated public information on UAP after decades of reluctance and distraction. The Pentagon is actively investigating reports of sightings by military pilots in recent years, while an independent NASA panel is the first of its kind for the space agency to study.

NASA is preparing to discuss the findings of the study on Thursday.

Mason faced sharp criticism and scrutiny from skeptics on Wednesday, questioning the authenticity of his presentation.

A user on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter said, “This could really undermine efforts to take this issue seriously.” “Why didn’t they wait until a scientific paper was ready to publish it?”

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