The Steelers beat Raiders in Las Vegas: Steelers vs. Raiders

Steelers beat Raiders in Las Vegas: Steelers vs. Raiders

Now, let’s embark on a journey to recount the recent exploits of the Las Vegas Steelers, who needed to forget the aggressive tribulations that troubled them in their first two encounters.

This expedition was not merely a retreat for rest and respite; it served as a business venture for the Steelers. Their dealings on Sunday night were favorable.

In the grandeur of Elegant Stadium, the Steelers faced a raucous congregation of supporters. Kenny Pickett connected with two touchdowns, leading the Steelers to a triumphant Sunday night, where they triumphed over the Raiders with a score of 23-18.

Mike Tomlin, the Steelers’ head coach, remarked, “We did what we needed to do, secure the victory.” “It’s still early in the season. We’ve learned a great deal. But winning feels good.”

Pickett, who had thrown only two touchdown passes in contrast to three interceptions at the outset of the season, orchestrated his inaugural multi-touchdown passing game for a total of 235 yards. This feat saw him scoring against Kelvin Austin III and Pat Freiermuth.

The commencement of this game saw a flurry of action as both teams sought an early edge.

The Raiders (1-2) compelled the Steelers (2-1) to retreat on their first two possessions, forcing them to punt thrice. Following the second punt, they capitalized, as Derek Carr connected with Deonte Adams for a 32-yard touchdown pass, propelling them to a 7-0 lead.

Nonetheless, the Steelers, still in pursuit of their first win of the season, did not succumb to despair on their subsequent possession.

Engaging in contests for the third and seventh spots, Pickett found Austin in a 72-yard touchdown pass between cornerbacks Marcus Peters and safety Marcus Epps, equalizing the game at 7-7.

This touchdown stood as the Steelers’ longest touchdown of the season, surpassing last week’s 71-yarder to George Pickens and marking Pickett’s first multi-touchdown passing performance of his young career.

The Raiders had an opportunity to seize the lead early in the second quarter, but Levi Wallace intercepted Carr, leaping into the air to snag a throw intended for Michael Mayer at the Las Vegas 31.

This interception facilitated the Steelers, and at 8:33 remaining in the second quarter, Chris Boswell kicked a 43-yard field goal, securing a 10-7 lead for the Steelers.

The Steelers forced the Raiders into a three-and-out on their next possession, taking over at the Raiders’ 24 on their subsequent possession. Before halting, they negotiated for another Boswell field goal, this one from 42 yards out, extending their lead to 13-7 with 1:56 left in the first half.


The Raiders regained possession of the ball and ventured into midfield, but T.J. Watt provided a pivotal interception on third down, handing the Steelers a significant advantage.

The Steelers seized this opportunity, driving 81 yards, with Pickett connecting with Freiermuth for a 13-yard touchdown pass, giving them a 20-7 lead early in the third quarter.

Watt struck again for the Steelers, intercepting Garoppolo on the Raiders’ next possession. As he attempted to throw a pass to Jacoby Meyers downfield, Garoppolo was pressured and hurried, resulting in an interception by Patrick Peterson before he could cross the boundary at the Pittsburgh 19.

From there, the Steelers covered 81 yards, with Pickett distributing the ball effectively. Kelvin Pickens caught a 17-yard pass, Jalen Warren received a screen for 16 yards, and Najee Harris contributed a 17-yard run, setting up Pickett for a 13-yard touchdown pass to Freiermuth. The Steelers established a 16-7 lead early in the third quarter, with 3:56 remaining.

Watt thwarted Las Vegas once more on their next possession, as he intercepted Garoppolo for the third time. Upon entering the field, Garoppolo attempted a long pass to Jacoby Meyers, but Patrick Peterson intercepted it before it could reach its target, securing the ball and preventing it from crossing the boundary at the Pittsburgh 48.

The Raiders were halted on their fourth down, and Carlson nailed a field goal. However, a personal foul against DeMarvin Leal for individual dishonesty nullified the kick, affording the Raiders a fresh lease on life at the Pittsburgh 14.

Nonetheless, the Raiders came up empty once more, as they failed to convert the opportunity into a touchdown, opting for another field goal. This one was executed from 26 yards out, reducing the deficit to 23-18 with 2:22 remaining in the game.

Linebacker Alex Highsmith remarked, “You just have to keep them at bay. That was the mindset.” Stepping up their game.

But the Steelers picked up one first down and forced the Raiders to use all three timeouts before punting the ball back to Las Vegas with 12 seconds remaining in the game before Wallace intercepted Garoppolo a second time to end it.

“That’s our job to take the ball away and set the offense up to score points,” said Wallace. “We want to put them on short fields as much as we can. When we’re able to do that, it’s good.”


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