7 Best Toys for Beagles

You should have have an idea of how active and mischievous beagle puppies may be. They want to do nothing but play. Toys for Beagles are a lifesaver when you need a break from entertaining them because you can’t do it constantly.

There is no shortage of puppy toys available, but sadly, the vast majority are not safe for use by young dogs. You see, beagle puppies are already powerful chewers. Toys can be easily broken by their sharp teeth, and the fragments could be swallowed.

Providing for a Beagle’s playtime needs goes beyond simply having a stack of toys on hand. You and your Beagle will have a much simpler time of things if you take the effort to get the proper toys for the right times.

Many Beagle owners make the mistake of buying a plethora of toys for their pet without giving any thought to whether or not their Beagle will actually play with them.

Best Toys for Beagles

The mental health of your Beagle depends heavily on how well you keep him or her amused. Beagles are a little more picky than most dogs, but there are thousands of dog toys out there.

1. Kong Goodie Bone Chew Toy

Just like my dog, I know that yours will be a tough chewer, so you can stop looking now. KONG is an iconic brand in the dog toy industry. The Goodie Bone from KONG is an excellent choice for teething puppies.

My puppy beagle has strong jaws. There is no way to count how many toys he has destroyed. He has been playing with this toy for some time. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Despite being almost a year old, the toy I purchased is still functioning perfectly.

Fill it with your dog’s favorite dog food for added entertainment value. For food-obsessed dogs like Beagles, toys that dispense tasty treats are sure to keep them entertained for hours.


  • Two sizes, medium and large, are available for the Kong Goodie Bone toy.
  • Long-lasting and reliable.
  • Excellent for vigorous chewers.
  • A great chew toy for teething puppies.
  • Beagles and other medium-sized dogs are the intended target.
  • Excellent for boosting pup’s IQ.
  • Made in the USA. However, international shipping is available.

2. SPOT Ethical Pet Interactive Seek-A-Treat Shuffle Bone Toy

Beagles, like all dogs, need mental and physical exercise and playtime or they would become destructively bored and aggressive.

Your dog’s intelligence can only grow from the mental and physical challenges presented by this wooden puzzle as he or she figures out how to unlock the secret reward compartment.

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This tough hardwood puzzle can take whatever your beagle can dish out when he chews on it.

This is an excellent training tool, and he may also use it for quiet time.

3. Nylabone DuraChew Medley Dog Toy

Given its tough construction and design for aggressive chewers, the Nylabone DuraChew Medley Dog Toy is a top pick among affordable toys for beagles.

This is a great option if you’re looking for something to distract your dog from chewing on furniture or other household items, or if you want to give him a chew toy that also helps him clean his teeth.

The chewing ring has different textures and a pleasant aroma to entice and engage dogs.

However, there have been reports from owners of large, powerful chewers (often huskies) that their dogs are uninterested in the toy or have managed to chew completely through it, despite the fact that it was created for such dogs.

Although this shouldn’t be a problem for most beagles because they don’t have as strong of a jaw as a husky does, it is a concern and is why the Nylabone failed to be at #1.

4. Rope Toys

Although tug of war looks like a simple activity, it has incredible benefits. As a young beagle, you can teach your dog to “leave” by playing tug of war with it.

Beagles, especially young ones, have a well-deserved reputation for being exceptionally mischievous and naughty. You can’t always prevent your dog from getting into anything valuable, like a new pair of shoes or a nice clothing. You should expect destructive gnawing once he gets his mouth on it. The ‘leave’ command comes in handy in these situations.

Pick up this five-rope pack of varying textures and get the tug-of-war started.

5. Pet IQ Intelligent Toy

When searching for an intelligent plaything, this one stands out as one of the best options.

In other words, a newbie with a puppy would benefit much from it. The reward dispenser puzzle was made with puppy and young dog training in mind.

The bright colors will stimulate your dog’s interest, and the dispenser will prevent them from gulping down their food.

Produced from a non-hazardous, long-lasting material, it stands up well to regular use and washings.

Those sophisticated grips on the toy will keep the puzzle from rolling around on the floor.

Keep in mind that your dog may need other toys in addition to the puzzle as it learns to solve it.

6. Jolly Soccer Ball

Hunting instincts remain strong after hundreds of years of existence. Despite their lack of aggression, beagles can’t resist the urge to chase after moving objects.

My two beagles spend hours upon hours chasing after balls. Unfortunately, the rubber on most balls would readily pop off when played with by my dogs. Plastic balls may last longer, but I worry about the effect they will have on their gums.

I went through a number of substitutes before settling on this happy pets soccer ball. The material it’s made of prevents it from deflating or popping even if it’s punched. After a month of play, my beagle finally punched it with his sharp teeth. But the ball kept its form well.

Deflation is impossible thanks to the Jolly Flex Material with which it is constructed.

An ideal toy for water play. The object is buoyant.

A 6-inch and 8-inch version are available (Diameter). The 6-inch size is just right for beagle puppies, in my opinion.

Green, blue, and red are the three available colors.

7. Bully Sticks (Better Dental Health)

It’s not always easy to classify bully sticks. I’ll do my best to explain it to you. Bully sticks are durable, long-lasting chew toys that are both edible and beneficial to dental health. They help in removing tartar and plaque and help to maintain good dental care.

The safety of rawhides is a contentious topic. Instead of using rawhide bones, you can use bully sticks, which are much safer. There are no artificial flavors or chemicals added. Natural beef ensures that there are no splinters.


Playing with toys is enjoyable and entertaining for beagles. Dogs of all sizes and ages benefit from having access to a wide range of toys, and their owners should do the same. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions so that I can review them and include them in this collation.

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